My Mind

My mind can ask itself a question,
My mind can give itself an answer,
My mind can tell itself things.
That’s pretty much the bulk of it.

When it’s not occupied, it tells itself stories and passes them off as truth.
And there’s no fact checking involved – until it runs into trouble.

And somehow, it’s up to me to deal with this problem child.


Anger What?

Anger is like silt at the bottom of a pond – stir it up and everything becomes foggy and unclear;ย let it settle and everything becomes clear again.

Anger is a fire in your own house; first above all, put out the fire before the house burns down, don’t stop to find the cause.

Later, when the fire is out, hunt down the cause, track the arsonist carefully, follow his subtle twists and turns, . . . and you will find only yourself.