Today’s Mantra (4-29)

To really be here, sit quietly and imagine yourself being here;
Look into a mirror and think:

“I am imagining that I am here”

Because our “normal” perception is so trapped, this is a trick that works to free it.


The Pencil

Author’s comment: “Life of Pi” is a great movie everyone should see. It gently, and beautifully, makes the point that there is another way of seeing things. The hero is shipwrecked with zoo animals whose reality is unclear. It’s the most amazing, awesome, and beautiful job of graphic animation ever.

Everyday reality is shown in pale, almost black and white, shades. But the hero’s true experience is in gloriously enhanced color. The movie asks the question “Are we fully aware of the real reality?”

The Pencil
I first saw the little yellow pencil before I knew what it was.
My father showed it to me and said “Pencil.”
He repeated that several times.

From then on the pencil was no longer a real thing to me.
Now, every time I see a pencil, I don’t really see it.

I hear the memory of the sound “pencil,” immediately followed by the long ago vision of my father showing it to me. The conjuring of memory overwhelms the reality of what I see. I’m left with a sense of something – but I no longer see the yellow.

But sometimes I can still trick myself into seeing the pencil. I try to be how I was then – seeing instead of remembering; not trying to see, and not being somewhere else. Being there by letting myself be there – not by doing or thinking.

By concentrating on the thing itself, and not the word for it, I realize the thing as it is. It was never a pencil. My dad and the rest of the world just convinced me that it was – they made the world go away just by speaking about it.

And then it happens – I realize I’m able to know all things in that same way, when I just let it happen.

I realize that I can actually see everything in color again!

The First Habits To Change:

the automatic “no”
the automatic “no time”
the automatic “not now”
the automatic “not for me”
the automatic “not possible”
the automatic “no way!”

Brain change (learning) requires repetition (work).
Depression, anxiety, panic, and unwanted thoughts, are all ingrained habits.
The brain resists change until intention overcomes inertia.
Saying “Yes!” is the first step to shedding your habitual self.