Happy Wife, Happy Life

The who I was, is not the who I am.
Please tell whoever you are,
not to blame me for what I didn’t do back then.

When I become the who I shall be,
please don’t ask that person why I didn’t do what you want me to do right now.

By then, I’ll be neither who I was nor who I am.
You’ll only be hurting someone I’ll never be again.

So much trouble worrying about temporary things.



My Cat

When Goldie was young, she ran away from everything threatening.
Later, too old to bother with running, she learned to complain.
Now, too old to bother with complaining, she’s learned patience and tolerance.

But there are still times when, pushed beyond reason,
she attacks with great credibility and gives no ground.

Goldie is my rock star.

Koans & Such

Let your mind be a mirror, reflecting all, adding nothing
Let your mind be clean – a bright pool, still and clear, unmuddied
Let your mind be spacious as the sky
Your thoughts, like clouds and thunder, in the distance, passing by
Assign no meaning – stand apart!
Let your words be empty in the vastness of your heart

Let your thoughts go unheeded – you are not they!

The house is warm and quiet,
night lights glow and small sounds whisper
Beyond words… I’m done.

The Mind is a Box

The mind is a box full of words – created by words.
There is no real mind, it’s an imaginary thing;
You just imagine it to be within yourself.

You are not your mind. You are much more.
You are everything that came together to imagine your mind.
You are you, the YOU-niverse!

7AM Tao

I feel the tao strongest in the early morning – by midday it disappears.
I lose the tao when I breath too fast or think too long.
The tao is weak indoors, but strong under the starlight.

I feel the tao’s strength in quiet, and in vastness.
When I’m strong, the tao is strong – but unseen.
The great and mysterious tao hides inside the plausible
– and in the midst of the everyday.
The tao appears when I listen for my next thought.