Today’s Mantra 7.9.14

The Universe is dreaming you right now.


The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled
When I was matter I was iron, and I was very strong.
I knew the truth of everything, and I was never wrong.

When I was rock I had no stock in how things really were.
I stood in line, and got my pay, and kept pennies in a jar.

But coming here, I crawled in fear, my certainty was crushed.
The iron man I once was, was now a pile of rust.

So I turned to water, a power stronger, than any stone could be,
Now all who stood against me, have been washed into the sea.

Dreams beyond imagining, where do they all come from?
The world is too incredible, something else is going on.

It looks me in the eye, and asks, “Don’t you love me anymore?”
What nerve! What lies! – Suspicion: Reality’s a whore.

I stand in my own authority. My eyes have opened wide.
The tales I heard through all my life, now I cast aside.

And a new world stands before me, almost in my hand.
But I am still a stranger, in a new and stranger land.

Cut and Dry

The void has no consciousness, but it is divided into consciousness and forms.
Consciousness has no form – it simply experiences.
Forms are anything that can be perceived – even ideas, and especially You.