On Epitaph

“Of all the stupid things I did, not being happy was the stupidest”


My Cat

When Goldie was young, she ran away from everything threatening.
Later, too old to bother with running, she learned to complain.
Now, too old to bother with complaining, she’s learned patience and tolerance.

But there are still times when, pushed beyond reason,
she attacks with great credibility and gives no ground.

Goldie is my rock star.

Lucid Dreams at the Alien Hotel

Flying dreams, shifting rooms and changing corridors,
melting floors and unreliable gravity.

A door opens and a girl promises me the best sex I’ve ever had.
A secret room, down a secret corridor, bears a sign that says “The Truth.”
I follow the girl eagerly instead, still looking backwards at the truth, but now that door has vanished.

A small and dangerous elevator, with thick doors like a gas chamber.
So many people are crushing in. Thank God there’s no room for me.
I’ll take the next one.

I see a man I used to know, a fellow traveler.
We wait together in the lobby, for our ride to the spaceport.